The past six weekends included a ton of work. This weekend has been a welcome respite. And this fine morning, I've been productive. There is nothing humble about this bragging.
  1. Woke up before the sun.
    Thanks kid.
  2. Changed a diaper like I've never seen before.
    He had carrots last night. No picture cause I'm classy.
  3. Went on a run (!)
    I haven't done that in a few months and it was GLORIOUS. My running partner was also very excited about finally getting back on the road, until he fell asleep
  4. Went to the local coffee place for a Cappuccino and got the wife a the best Chai Latte she ever had.
    The boy was still out in the stroller so I went to 50/50 coffee shop and had myself a beverage. It was so euro fab.
  5. FaceTimed with my dad.
    My mom is visiting @sally this weekend so I figured I'd check in. (Not from the FaceTime but you get the idea)
  6. Went to Ikea to get electrical safety stuff so the kid won't eat the wires.
  7. Hit up Panera for a weak breakfast sandwich.
    Got the job done.
  8. Went to Target
    This was quick but we got placemats for our table. Fun side note: it's the first table we have owned as a couple.
  9. We saw this guy.
    He was nice and let us cross the parking lot.
  10. We got a highchair for the monkey at Baby's "R" Us.
  11. I didn't buy any of this good stuff.
    Went with raisins instead...
  12. We got to Home Depot for baby proofing stuff RIGHT UNDER THE WIRE!
    The TV, and all the other stuff won't fall in an earth quake, a monkey attack or a visit from whatever animal is pictured here.