Besides being on List App I'm not that cool.
  1. I don't think True Detective season two is bad.
    ...cuz I didn't watch either season.
  2. I have been wearing polo shirts and khakis since I was in middle school.
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    I've been on fleek like three times durning that period. But unintentionally.
  3. I use the word fleek...
    and just sound old.
  4. I love puns
    And I don't care what you think (don't read too hard, no pun here).
  5. I hate Blue Bottle Coffee
    For the love of god just brew it before I order it and can you make it hot? Jesus people, you are slinging Joe not saving lives.
  6. When I run at night, I wear a safety vest with lights
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    Not cool trumps dead. Every time.
  7. I like Miller Lite
    Even before they went back to the hipster cans and even though I drink 99% of my beer locally and craft-ly (totally a word), a Miller Lite on a hot day is always alright with me.
  8. I don't get the vinyl thing
    We stream music now. Why are we nostalgic for old sound that you are playing on your digitally enhanced sound system?
  9. I write my elected representatives
    I used to work in advocacy and know they 99% of the time electeds don't hear from normal people on issues. I was on a first name basis with my state Rep and Senator in NYC and knew my City Council member pretty well. I regularly email with my SF Sup on issues big and small (mostly about the public transit system). Also shut up, I'm totally a normal person.
  10. I still don't understand SnapChat
    Even with @bobbyhundreds' exceptionally clear examination, I don't understand the allure of the system over other messaging or social services.
  11. I laughed a bit when I re-read this title.
    Hu Hu. 💩