A self-indulgent list.
  1. Purchased a @bjnovak book at Barnes & Noble.
    Full disclosure we were returning baby books we got as gifts. (Yeah, I am trolling what of it?)
  2. Had to go to suburbia to find a Barnes & Noble.
    It was in San Bruno
  3. Successfully completed our first public bathroom diaper change at Barnes & Noble.
    I also discovered that I sing to my boy during all diaper changes; a fact that makes you no friends a book store's men's room.
  4. Purchased new black work shoes.
    My current pair are over 10 years old and have been re-soled 4 times
  5. I wrote a really funny list that didn't trend.
    I'm vain and want to trend.
  6. Went to BJs and didn't order a Pizzukie.
    This was an exercise in restraint.
  7. Watched President Obama be very funny at the WHCD.
    Luther is a great character.
  8. Took a couch nap with my 27-day old son.
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    I love this the most of all and don't really care about anything else.