Inspired by @sally (happy now?)
  1. Getting married "young"
    I get asked that all the time. @abbyzeecee and I had been together for four years when we got married. We've been married now for six. We've lived together for nine of those years, six of which were in a 550sqft studio. I'll let you finish with the math. So yeah. Not once have I regretted getting hitched when we did. Not to say we've never fought or whatever. But yeah.
  2. Leaving non-profit for big bad corporate life.
    Sure sometimes it's not fun and your soul is crushed but I don't regret leaving. Mostly because my work in the non-profit space was also not fun, soul crushing and completed for very little money.
  3. Hiking the rim to river to rim of the Grand Canyon in one day.
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    This would have been different if @sally or I got hurt or didn't make it but we did. And it was super awesome. Pictured: Us not dead after the hike and in the dark.