Inspired by @biz and others
  1. I'm a good father and husband.
    I had a good example. I take a lot of pride in taking good care of @abbyzeecee and the monkey.
  2. I like my family.
    We are funny people. Cited example: @sally And for the most part, we're pretty good people too. idib.
  3. I can push myself to accomplish big things, especially when people doubt me.
    Born of a learning issue as a kid, people didn't think I would be very good at school. But my mom was like FTS you are smart and you will be a great adult. So I was like yeah! I've run four marathons 3:56 PR), over a dozen halfs (1:39 PR) and regularly covered over 20 miles on my feet, for fun. I worked for some of the biggest financial agents during some of the largest bankruptcies in history. So suck it, Orchard School educational counselors.
  4. I'm a good cook.
  5. I'm a liberal.
    Even after working for the big banks, and perhaps because of it.
  6. I never tried to hide my balding dome.