Some observations now that I know what I know and I've seen what I've seen.
  1. Everyone is uncomfortable
  2. The mohel makes the same jokes but they are funnier when your son isn't about to be welcomed into the Jewish community.
  3. Not having a Bris during Passover leads to better food.
  4. The post-Jewish cry is awful even if it isn't your kid.
  5. It's really incredible how fast the boy stops crying.
  6. The tools are scary to look at every time.
  7. This mohel, who also did our Bris, has done more than 7,000 of these.
    That's a lot.
  8. Rabbi Moshe Trager is the Bay Area's only full time mohel. And he does all kinds of services and has swift and sure hands.
    He's on Yelp. #bayarea
  9. This is a strange yet beautiful ritual.
  10. Everyone is very happy for the parents who are so clearly traumatized.
    Lack of sleep and the ritual mutilation is a lot for the first eight days.