A sappy but true list. Feel free to add more nice things.
  1. This is the only social media site where I read the comments.
    This week's terrorist attack is just another reminder never to read the comments elsewhere.
  2. My sister is ListApp famous
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    @sally is by far the smartest and funniest person I know. She is down for a good time and knows how to tell and write a story. She is also a compassionate, kind and badass person. Her doctoring is also 💯. So I'm happy to see her express herself and get the mad props she deserves here. Way to go poop pants. I love you.
  3. People share some intensely personal stories.
    When I asked @angusisley about being an ex-pornographer I really didn't expect the honesty he offered. It was really powerful and had a raw beauty. I didn't expect it at all. I feel that way pretty regularly here.
  4. For some reason the small size of this community makes me feel safe sharing pictures of my boy.
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    I share elsewhere but get weirded out when strangers like the photo. Here though it's good.
  5. My wife and I can laugh and get great advice.
    Between singing the Grateful Dead (thanks @johnnyartpants) and the advice list from @emilynussbaum I am both informed and entertained.
    Celebs (no trolling or begging for likes here so no "at-ing" them) write lists just like us.
  7. The orthodoxy is liberal.
    I like that for the most part.
  8. I don't feel overwhelmed like I do on other social medium.
    Just a feeling.
  9. Hey look my kid's wearing shoes.
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  10. The platform is simultaneously limiting and limitless.
    A total least 50% of the lists aren't lists but that is the best part of the app.
  11. There are so many Jews.
    MOT in the house!
  12. Great open lists
    It's collaborative and open and fun and silly and that doesn't happen much ITRW.
  13. I feel like I know some of you for real even though I only know just few of you.
  14. I'm excited to meet more of you.