I was a bad beta tester and stopped using the platform after it went public cuz it got to be more work than fun. Here's a list about shouting into the abyss and fun.
  1. Tried writing on Medium
    That takes even more work.
  2. Hard core dadding
    It's a thing
  3. Really enjoyed country music revival
    Isbell, Stapleton (husband and wife respectively), Simpson, etc.
  4. Supported Hillary for President
    Never felt the Bern.
  5. Found and lost my ear buds about 100 times. 🎧
  6. Celebrated birthdays
    Most importantly a first birthday. #cutletishere in Instagram if you're so inclined.
  7. Paid taxes. 💸💸💸
    Damn the man and such.
  8. Served as the onsite public information officer in the pouring rain at a major infrastructure emergency.
    It was a crazy and long night.
  9. Celebrated Passover with @abbyzeecee @sally @sam and @rebeccazemel
    Pictured: Our short rib tsimmis.
  10. Took my son to a frat party.
    Realized he might be closer in age to the students than I am to the students.
  11. Related: felt really old at UC Davis' picnic day.
  12. Hung out with our great friends with kids.
    Changes the POV of an epic night but still.
  13. Lived the good life with @abbyzeecee
    She's my wife.