A partial list
  1. Jogging in place at a stop light.
    All you're doings is hopping.
  2. Socks with sandals
  3. Non-refrigerated non-Dairy Creamer
    I love science but no.
  4. Calling San Francisco "San Fran"
    Not sure why, but it's wrong.
  5. Calling San Francisco "The City"
    Nope. That's New York.
  6. ATM fees
    You make a lot of money. This is wrong.
  7. Hating on public servants
    Ask for reform, fight for change, hold them accountable. But don't hate on them all. Tough gig with unreal levels of corruption.
  8. Homelessness
    We rich. There are ways to fix this. We should do them.
  9. Not playing all of American Pie.
    This not only annoys me, it's wrong.
  10. Cutting away from a really bad sporting event before it is over.
    Sure they are going to score 24 points in 3 minutes but do it for the kids.