And these are just the things I read about. Feel free to add your own! It will be cleansing.
  1. Covering the random shooting murder of a woman in Downtown San Francisco, a camera crew going live from the Embarcadero was robbed at gun point and the camera man was pistol whipped.
  2. A group protesting police brutality burned an American flag in Green Point, Brooklyn and the State Senator representing this area called upon the "real" Americans to stand up for our liberties and rights to stop these events in the furture.
    Texas v Johnson anyone?
  3. The media continues to be obsessed with a "news" article that suggested people incorporate a new ingredient into a dip, causing such outrage that the POTUS was pulled into the debate.
  4. Greece continues to march toward economic disaster with the only alternative being the destruction of the social safety net, its healthcare system and any semblance of cultural heritage.
  5. Donald Trump is polling as the second most popular GOP candidate in the wake of his racist comments about Mexicans.
    FYI His clothing is made in Mexico.
  6. I added coconut oil instead of canola oil to my challah
    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It was surprisingly gross
    Suggested by @mollyyeh