New York ruined me.
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    They removed forward facing seats that don't have a wall or other seat in front of them for safety.
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    However all they did was lock the seats in the folded-room-for-a-wheel-chair position and people sit on top of the folded part. #safetyfirst πŸ‘
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    Bus drivers won't tell free loaders they have to pay.
    Now I understand this for the creepy dudes from the Tenderloin but the little old ladies and bros...come'on son we all gotta pay our way.
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    SF MUNI has stopped engaging me on Twitter.
    I mean I suppose that makes sense.
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    When the Clipper Card (the rechargeable bus pass) reader is down you get a free ride but can also get a ticket for not paying the fare.
    Even if the driver says it is ok. Seen it happen, @sally at my friend's house.
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    BART is a suburban commuter train galavanting as a subway system.
    Just a statement of fact.
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    There are public restrooms in the area but the homeless prefer the MUNI/BART station escalators -- which are never working (see previous clause) and are rarely cleaned.
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    It seems to me a clear cause and effect: clean the πŸ’©and the escalators will work. πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
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    It costs more for two adults to take MUNI-->BART-->OAK airport than to drive, pay for parking over a long weekend, pay the toll on the Bay Bridge and drive back to the city.
    Forget about the time.
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    Cable Cars are part of the system.
    Another simple statement of fact.