Some aren't funny.
  1. The Farmer's Insurance commercial when the Yetti throws the big snow ball destroying the car, and then shrugs like "What? Who, me?"
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  2. The baby laughing at ripping paper video.
  3. Real Estate Listings in San Francisco.
  4. My son sneezing
  5. This video of this ice bucket challenge.
    5dcf5e4a 4bfd 4714 b0f6 baceb3f47a21 I loose my shit every time I watch it.
  6. Any time someone breaks on SNL.
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  7. A slide (water or others) montage on America's Funniest Home Videos.
    Yeah I watch AFV. It is good old American fun.
  8. When kids wear firefighter/super hero/princess outfits for normal activities.
    More of a chuckle but still always funny.