Not much sleep and being in a foul mood leads to these things.
  1. At least I have a lot of working years left.
  2. Does Donald Trump's candidacy equate America's reality TV to Rome's lead piping?
  3. Where is this year's "What does the Fox Say?"
    You're welcome.
  4. My jeans smell like the company car air freshener.
  5. Is it really hard for people to brew coffee when they finish the pot? Did NO ONE ELSE go to camp where if you kill it, you fill it?
  6. As a bald man, I wonder if I hate man buns or am just jelly of dudes with long hair.
    In or out of Disneyland. (And yes I got a picture of my kid on this list.)
  7. The Grateful Dead lyrics I sing to the kid every night make absolutely no sense.
  8. We should invite Jason Isbell to ListApp
    Anyone have his email?
  9. The main stream media's coverage of Deez Nuts is a perfect example of its inability to help form an educated and engaged populous.
    What say you @jaketapper?