In that I can neither confirm or deny the fact I have or have not cried while reading lists, take this list as it is. So there you go @mollyyeh.
  1. Being pushed to learn about the backside of pornography from @angusisley
    Couldn't resist.
  2. Many of @sally's, @TT's & @AlexandraLouise's lists about saving lives.
  3. Reading about jail via @MelissaStetten experience.
  4. Reading about gay folks celebrating equality yesterday. Perhaps most notably @eatthelove
  5. Things that haunt me hit a bit too close for me...more uncomfortable than crying but I think that was what @thebfg
  6. Eating a DoubleDouble = Masterbation because it made me sad to always think of both at the same time. Thanks @jonosser...ass.
  7. The soul cycle MLK quotes from @jonfavs because I'm sad for America.
  8. @eladgil's top cow jokes. Without any doubt due to laughter, I mean if I did at all.
    Also see @pottsy's list of dad jokes.