Inspired by @mianguyen
  1. Changed a very full diaper 💩💩💩
  2. Drove to a meeting in a plug-in hybrid. 🚘🔌
  3. Was honestly inspired by the passion of an engineer talking about process safety, which is about as exciting as it sounds.
  4. Listened to NPR has an intelligent, honest, and critical conversation about the Jenner cover, upcoming E! show, and the media coverage thereof.
  5. Took part in a media planning meeting for our company's efforts for Pride Month. 🌈
  6. Spent four hours in media training.
  7. Took public transit home.
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  8. Items still on the to do list:
    Pick up feta cheese at Trader Joe's, kiss my wife hello, hold my baby (but not get in a fight*), eat dinner with feta cheese in it, bounce my baby on the yoga ball, read more of my book.