I watch most of these. You know you do too.
  1. Project Runway
    I live for the unconventional challenge but for the love of god folks they don't want you to use the table cloth to drape the same lame-ass structured Euro-trash dress. (Yes, I am talking to you, Dmitry.)
  2. House Hunters
    I hold that if my real estate agent takes me to a house well over my budget, no matter how many wish list items it checks off, I would fire his ass and walk off the show.
  3. Say Yes to the Dress
    New York or Atlanta. Both are great. Don't judge me; judge the ugly ass dress.
  4. Gilmore Girls
    The unanswered questions of the finale speak to the art of this series.
  5. Rehab Addict
    I love the odd buildings and the vintage look that Nicole Curtis brings to industrial northern Midwestern cities. And she is a babe.
  6. Fixer Upper
    Odds are Chip Gaines will do something goofy before finding something that busts the budget and Joanna Gaines is going to push for something French Country but I can't stop watching it. And she is a babe.
  7. Melissa and Joey
    Whoa. Yeah, I'm ashamed of this one.