Inspired by @johnnyartpants strong showing on a similar topic.
  1. Say Yes to My Butt
  2. Once Upon My Butt
  3. Flip My Butt
  4. My Butt's Anatomy
  5. My Butt Hunters: International
  6. Dinners, Drive-ins & My Butt
  7. World News My Butt
  8. My Big Butt Theory
  9. How I Met My Butt
  10. Wheel of My Butt
  11. Mybutt Busters
  12. 19 Kids and My Butt
  13. Meet My Butt
    Especially true when politicians come asking for votes.
  14. Fat Men in My Butt
  15. Real Housewives of My Butt
  16. Iron My Butt
  17. Game of My Butt
    Suggested by @sally
  18. My 600-lb Butt
    Suggested by @sally
  19. House of My Butt
    Suggested by @sally
  20. My Butt Is The New Black
    Suggested by @sally
  21. My Butt Knows Best
    Suggested by @sally
  22. My Butt Tank
    Suggested by @sally
  23. My Butt Ninja Warrior
    Suggested by @sally
  24. my butt detective
    Suggested by @lindsaygelfand
  25. My Butt Center
    Suggested by @Alicia
  26. Naked and Afraid
    There is enough butt in this show.