Sure there are the obvious ones but these are a bit out of the ordinary. What else you got ListApp parents?
  1. Carry-on only travel
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    Over are the days of a few items and your tooth brush. While I didn't expect it to be easy or light, I didn't expect to need a u-haul to get to the airport.
  2. Last minute plans
    Of course we aren't going out all night but even dinner at an easy local place takes some planning, like at least a day.
  3. Read a book
    This is @abbyzeecee's addition. She could polish off a book a week, now not so much. The Girl Who Save King of Sweden started before the boy was born and it's still on her night stand.
  4. Think outside of eat-play-nap cycles
    It's strange but true.
  5. Watch sappy-ass commercials without crying a bit
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    FIIIIINE I couldn't do that before I was a father.