The brilliance of my wife and baby mama @abbyzeecee
  1. Ok, stay between the buoys.
    Out of context song reference. In this case talking to the boy about keeping his poop in his diaper.
  2. You want to snort some more? It's really cute. You probably can't breath but it's cute.
  3. The onies with the poop, it's still wearable..there is just hint of it.
  4. I guess this is your way of saying you are done.
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  5. He woke up so I went to pat his stomach and he smiled. He was super chill so I walked away and now he's asleep again.
    This is just really cute.
  6. With reading my book (One More Thing), reading to the kid (The Book With No Picture) and now ListApp there is a lot of @bjnovak in my life right now.
  7. And then he peed on the wall.
    When asked for details I learned the power of the stream shot the wash cloth off and he enjoyed it. A lot.