@abbyzeecee's genius
  1. Oh [name] that's so ticklish. Your cute little hands are right on my ribs and I can't move.
    Said while giggling and feeding the boy.
  2. Say, "bye Felicia."
    While waving the boy's hand as I left for work.
  3. Everything should have an anchovy breadcrumb topping.
    On our first date that didn't include a diaper run. Also noted: everything should have a pancetta vinaigrette. (FYI A16 is a good choice for dinner in the Marina)
  4. Breast feeding messes up my uniform.
  5. While commenting on his stellar photo game over the weekend -- I say this from one first child to another: you are why people have second kids.
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    Then she said: don't make me regret saying this. You aren't going to sleep again, are you?
  6. You just farted all the air on me.
    Please note this was said about the kid.