An open list of everyday things, that when done wrong go from NBD to PITA
  1. Clipping your nails
    NBD right? Until you take off too much and you toe hurts for a week.
  2. Ironing a shirt
    I like it. I find it relaxing and fulfilling. Go too long and boom. Burt shirt. Bummer.
  3. Reading a book on a digital device
    Totes normal. But a sucked dry battery on a bus ride with 10 pages to go? PITA.
  4. Taking Uber/Lyft/Sidecar
    This is awesome. It just shows up. Or doesn't. This is a first world PITA but we are all making lists on a free app on hand-held computers for fun, so it's a safe bet that most of our problems are of the first world. #realtalk
  5. Napping
    For examples of this being a PITA please see @sally's definitive list of naps -- noting the final few entries. (This is always worth the risk)
  6. ListApp-ing
    You're having fun and BOOM your list falls into the abyss or you are called out for some affront by a ListApp celeb or your draft disappears or you misspell a hashtag. #raeltalk
  7. Eating a salad for lunch
    You feel good about your choice but then you're eating a salad.
  8. Runching
    Or the act of running during lunch. It's fantastic when it works. But when the boss calls at 2.5 miles of a 5 mile out and back. #rough
  9. Baking
    Usually you have a delicious creation to share and enjoy with others but maybe you're out of butter, halting you midway through and destroying your lofty goals or you have a slip of the hand with the flour and have to start over and it's all a big PITA.
    Suggested by @sally