I recently read about the USC7 and why they quit their MFA program -- it got me thinking. I'm not artistic and moderately aware of fine and pop art. My parents always took @sally and me to museums as kids and I always liked them, even when I had no idea why. (see Whitney biannual) I'll start doing the same with my boy soon.
  1. It makes you think, question and feel.
  2. It is pretty and ugly.
  3. It is pain, love and more pain.
  4. It is progressive.
    I believe this to be universal.
  5. It is valuable for the sake of its place culturally.
    Except for the rare exception of fine metals and gems we are talking about about $100 of materials being worth millions.
  6. It has significantly more value than simply monetary value.
    Even illegal street art has value.
  7. The people who make it see the world differently and we get to see their world.
    Pretty cool to think about if Picasso saw shapes or Lichtenstein saw dots #tooliteral
  8. It is powerful.
  9. Even the mechanical reproduction thereof has power.
    ...even if it is only for propaganda. Dropping some Walter Benjamin on this list.
  10. It makes me feel good about humanity even when shining a light on why humanity is horrible.
    Ex: The Jungle, Grapes of Wrath, What is the What, All Quite on the Western Front, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Beast of no Nation, and those are just some books off the top of my head.
  11. It can be anything as along as there is intention.