The answer to @jill's list and to your questions about Marathoning from some guy who ran a bunch of em.
  1. Be honest with yourself
    Like any excessive errrrr I mean life affirming physical activity, running is demanding. Talk to a doctor if you have any concerns or just do it take the risk.
  2. Start running
    Before you have a plan (see below) you should be running a bit more regularly. Do it for fun and if this isn't fun don't bother with the rest of this list. But running is fun. Just watch some dogs or little kids running to remind yourself of that fact. Aim for about 5 to 10 percent more a week; that's a safe uptick.
  3. Pick a race
    I need a goal to blindly work toward. Also if you want to run a marathon you should sign up for one.
  4. Select a training plan
    This is huge! If your aren't Meb or Kara (or don't know who they are) you most likely don't know, off-the-top-of-your-head the right way to build your running schedule to prep for a marathon. I have run thousands of miles and a bunch of marathons and I always use a training plan to schedule my workouts. To be real even Meb and Kara have plans. Bart Yasso of Runner's World and Hal Higdon have solid and smart beginner programs. Some are free online. Others aren't.
  5. Invest in Body Glide
    You know why.
  6. Follow training plan
    This can be hard. You may be upping your weekly work outs from a few 30 minute gym trips to 20+ miles outside over many hours. It's lot of running.
  7. Don't be a moron
    Your days off are as important as your long runs. TAKE THEM. If you are hurt (which is different from in pain or sore) take another day or so off. Cross train. Swim. Srly. Don't be a moron. Surgery is expensive. I know. I was a moron.
  8. Get quick dry running stuff
    It can be cheap stuff but don't run in cotton. It gets wet and heavy and can cause hypothermia, even in the summer.
  9. Eat before long runs
    Once you hit double digit long runs, you need to eat something before you hit the road. Try to eat at least an hour before you leave. Experts say 2 but I say FTN. This will give your belly time to make decisions about your choices.
  10. Don't follow the trends
    Get fitted for running shoes based on your skills and body type. Don't run out for the latest fad. They will pass and most likely will hurt you (please see above).
  11. Stretch and ice
    You gonna feel it. Ice baths are hard core but they work. Stretching as soon as you walk around and cool down (but before you get cold) will make the next run doable. Invest in a foam roller and learn about your IT band before it teaches you about itself.
  12. Keep having fun
    Mix up your running path or find a new group of running chums. The SFRRC is having a kick off event tomorrow at Presidio Sports Basement in SF. We are a fun bunch. (
  13. Train in what you'll use
    Don't get new stuff for a race. Trust me.
  14. Practice your fuel intake
    26.2 miles is a long fucking distance. You will need fuel and salts. Gels, gummies, drinks whatever it is you should test them out for tummy issues as well as your ability to take them while running. If you can't walk and chew gum I would suggest liquid items. If you have a weak gag reflex stay away from the gel packs.
  15. Ask about the potty like you are two-years-old
    Never look a clean or semi-clean or dirty bathroom in mouth. It's a gift horse. Odds are there will be at least one 18 miler when you got to go and their isn't a place. PROTIP: Never shake the hand of a runner with one sock...
  16. Eat better
    Yeah you are running a shit load but that doesn't mean you can eat whatever you want. Be smart about your fuel. Lots of people gain weight while training for a marathon. Don't be one of those people.
  17. Don't be too serious
    You are doing this for fun remember?
  18. Plan your travel
    Running the race is a crazy cool accomplishment but travel there might be tough. Get a hotel and flight/ride/etc. well ahead of time.
  19. Wash your running stuff with hot water
    Ignore the tag, you stink.
  20. Stay hydrated throughout your training
    Drink water all the time.
  21. Don't drink too much water
    Hyponatremia is real and can happen when you push a TON of water and don't replace your electrolytes. Don't worry too much about this but keep up your fuel and you should be fine.
  22. Know the course of the race
    I like to know what to except. PROTIP: "net down hill" means it's hilly.
  23. Get sleep
    You won't sleep the night before your first marathon. That a bummer but ok. Try to sleep more the two weeks before and you should be fine.
  24. Plan your meals for race week
    Especially if you need to travel, know where you will get your food. Carbs are important but you don't need four lbs of pasta. You need a balanced meal.
  25. Lay out your race kit the night before
    This is what the pros do and this way you can take a picture of it a post it on social media. #picsoritdidnthappen (A race kit is what you are going to wear with you number or "bib" pinned in place.)
  26. Go out and run YOUR race
    You have trained for months, run hundreds of miles, given up social life FOR THIS! Go have fun. A huge plus of your first marathon is that it will be a personal best. Try to think of it that way, it won't be easy but try.
  27. Point2
    Tips for the race coming this fall.