A history.
  1. @abbyzeecee and I both showered to get ready to go to the Mission tonight.
    We didn't do the Mission much before the kid. This was a big deal even for a 5pm event.
  2. We put the boy in his skinny jeans and ironic shirt to go to the Mission.
  3. Abby nearly has a breakdown at the high level of cute that is happening and I agree.
  4. We drove to Southern Pacific and found a great parking space.
    That is of note. Srly.
  5. We walked to the bar and Abby said it was the first time she stepped over a used condom.
    No photo.
  6. We got there and the bouncer told us we couldn't go into the bar.
    My boy got carded.
  7. Abby and I took turns going into the bar to meet our List App friends.
  8. @EricElkins and @TT came to meet the monkey boy because he didn't have his ID.
    They said he was cute too. So it isn't just parent bias.
  9. So we had to go home.
    Sad face emoji.
  10. We went to the wine bar around the corner from our house because both of us showered and the boy was dressed to impress.
    The bar tender thought he was adorbs.
  11. I went to Trader Joe's for a baguette, cheese and cured meats for dinner.
    I also got ice cream and ¡Mango! ¡Mango! gummy snacks because two beers made me krunck.