Into it!

Stuff I like..... hobbys, shows, food, people, things, random stuff, ect.
  1. Spendinng the time I can with my wife Carisa
    Since 2/14/2012. Married 9/21/2013. Hopelessly in love.
  2. My Cat, Toulouse
    The smallest biggest shit Ive ever met
  3. Scary Movies
    Slasher Films are my favorites.
  4. WWE
    The best in Sports Entertainment. I never miss an episode
  5. Kombucha
    I brew my own
  6. Fitness
    I stay in shape
  7. Jail
    I work here
  8. Video Games
    Playstation 4 all the way.
  9. Jesus
    He loves me so much he died for me
  10. Pacific Northwest
    Home. Columbia Gorge. Columbia River. Mount Hood. Upper Left U.S. Pacific Northfresh
  11. Painting
    Not a pro just an ameteur
  12. America
    Conservative. #MAGA
  13. Bigfoot
    I know he is real. Hide and seek world champion
  14. Plaid
    I like it. I just do.
  15. V Neck T Shirts
  16. Bootcut Ripped Jeans
    Classic but unique.
  17. Gin
    Liquer of choice. I dont drink often but when I do its Tanqueray London Dry Gin 'n Tonics