Going to The Arnold's in Columbus, Ohio this weekend? Here's a cool scavenger hunt for you to use!
  1. Find 10 necks
    Super strong people rarely have necks. I dare you to find 10.
  2. Baaaad spray tan
  3. Crazy parent
  4. Posing by a non competitor
    Why you flexing bro?
  5. Fight!
  6. All chest, no legs.
  7. Popped blood vessel
  8. Biceps bigger than our heads
  9. That old fucker who starts talking about "In my day...."
  10. Barbed wire tattoo
  11. People with their own meal prep Tupperware lunches
  12. Body paint that is unbelievable
  13. Fake boobs
    How did they get so spherical?
  14. Sugar daddy
    Self explanatory