1. Side Effect
    A girl gets into a ice skating accident and she's brain dead and she basically has a brain transplant, but she's not the same girl anymore!! WhAt!!?! It was my first play I wrote and yeah. I don't talk about it.
  2. Baggin Save
    A couple gives birth to a paper bag and yeah. This is the one I'm proudest of to be quite honest.
  3. A Dab Stab Back Into Reality
    A roommate after a very impromptu trip to South America for two years comes back to her apartment and hashes things out with her best friend/extreme love interest/ roommate. Probably my angstiest play.
  4. The Ever Scary What Ifs
    Two juniors in high school talking about the future and one has everything planned out exactly while the other has no clue and they get a little help from the sketchiest guardian angel in history. This play was like my baby and then I entered it in a festival and they completely destroyed it. Like they missed all the comedic beats and I died. RIP me