Reasons why I love her

She doesn't know and she never will because she doesn't like me like that but it's cewl👌👌👌
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    Literally when it's a genuine smile or smirk it's like everything. It's like so s'cute and dhjsnsd
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    they're like a nice oak table that's just been polished. Like they shine and sparkle
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    They smell like a book store. Like tea and old books and sweaters and it's the best
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    She really gets into things and she has such a drive. Like its amazing to watch cause she's also incredibly talented and yeah
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    People will just talk to her about their problems because they know she'll listen and help. Cause she'll give you her upmost attention when you need it.
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    It's a gradual beautiful. Like when you first meet her you're like okay she's cute. Very cute. But the. Once you act silly get to know her and see her true colors she's literally the most beautiful person in the room