1. Did you take a day off and (yet again!) not plan well, so I had to waste time chasing my tail?
    Yes. Very much.
  2. Do you always rely on me to think for you?
    Yup. Enough already.
  3. Did you interrupt me to ask if so-and-so was here because you were too lazy to stand up and check yourself? But then when I stood up to check, you did, too?
    Yes. Definitely. Also mad at myself. Ironically for not standing up ... for myself.
  4. Did you go floppy like your bones liquified when I was trying to help you?
    Of course not. You're my baby girl. But that is seriously annoying. Knock it off.
  5. Do you have a million long legs and gross and are crawling up my wall juuuust out of my reach?
    Ew. Gross. Yes.