AMA about Grandpa Greg

My dad died when I was in high school and my son has been asking questions lately. I'm trying to think of things to tell him. Today I suggested he ask me questions, which was awesome. But I need more questions! 😊
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    Did he like drawing?
    Yes!! He had a friend who was an artist when he was younger. She taught him how too paint. I've seen some of his paintings, but never saw him paint. He used to critique my drawings.
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    Did he play tennis?
    No, but he was a wrestling coach and played a game similar to volleyball.
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    Did he play basketball?
    Hmmmm. Don't think so.
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    What were your favorite things to do together?
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    Good question! We liked to go to the lake as a family. He was a wrestling coach, I was a manager, and my brothers were wrestlers. We spent a lot of time together at matches.
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    What was his favorite dessert or snack?
    I ask this because my grandpa loved chocolate chip cookies. To this day, when I bake them, I tell my kids stories about grandpa sneaking me cookies before dinner.
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    Freighofer's chocolate chip cookies, Marie's blue cheese dressing, and roasted pumpkin seeds are the foods I most associate with my dad.
    We enjoy the cookies each year on his birthday and on the anniversary of when he died. πŸͺ Your grandpa sounds really sweet! No pun intended.
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    Did he have siblings and what were they like?
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    He had three brothers β€” and I don't think the four of them could be more different.
    The second brother is a very successful businessman, with a pool house nicer than my house (and nearly as big!). The oldest brother is super-religious. He moved away when I was younger and I haven't seen him or his family in years. My husband and kids have never met him or his family. The youngest brother is a blue collar, fun-loving AC/DC fan who loves hunting.
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    How did he meet your grandma?
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    He met my grandma when she gave birth to him. πŸ˜‚
    He and my mom went to school together. I think they met in junior high. She didn't like him. But her best friend went to the prom with his brother and they ended up together. Both couples got married (my aunt and uncle split up wen I was a kid, but my aunt is still in the top 2 of my aunts πŸ˜‰).
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    Did he have any funny phrases or sayings that he used all the time?
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    Yes!! Great question, @jennifergster! If we ever said "when I get get around to it", he'd hand us a round wooden coin that said "tuit" on it. Get it? A round tuit. πŸ˜‚ I'm sure I'll think of others, but that one popped right up. Also, "anything that's worth doing is worth doing right." (That's on his gravestone.)
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    Did he have a favorite sport or follow a favorite team?
    Was he more of a football or baseball guy? Would he rather watch sports or play them? (My dad did not follow or watch ANY sports but seems like everybody else's did)πŸˆβš½οΈβšΎοΈπŸ€β›³οΈ
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    He watched both, but I think preferred football. I used to put football as background noise in college because it made me think of him. But I'm not sure who he liked! If I had to guess, I'd say the Giants....? And Mets..? I'll have to find out.
    PS He was one of those stereotypical dads who would fall asleep in front of he game, but wake up if you changed the channel.
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    [update: checked with a brother... and he checked with my dad's brother. Neither knew if he liked a specific team. Sounds like he just liked football, but didn't have a team.]
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    What is something important that you learned from him? (Big or little.)
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    @DG hmmm... He taught me how to use some power tools (including a circular saw) and hammer, etc. I worked for his remodeling company one summer when saving money to go to France. Mostly cleaned up job sites and lugged stuff around. πŸ›  He started teaching me drive, but I didn't pass the test until after he died. πŸš™
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    When did he build the house?
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    He started building our log cabin when I was in first grade, I think. Once the basement was finished, we moved in (my parents, me, and my two brothers). My youngest brother was born in the basement. We moved upstairs when he was a baby.
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    What kind of music did he like?
    When I miss my cousin, I listen to songs he liked. Sometimes it's hard. Sometimes it makes me smile. 😊
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    @MrsBurky Classic rock. I made a couple of mixed CDs a number of years ago with songs that remind me of him. Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Neil Diamond, etc.
    A song came on the radio the other day driving to the playground. The kids and my husband got out to play and I sat in the car with tears streaming down my face.