Inspired by a recent One Bad Mother episode
  1. I'm sorry for being so put out that you got sidetracked from our lunch date conversation by your tiny baby.
  2. I'm sorry that I was impatient when you didn't answer my emails as quickly or as thoroughly as I expected.
  3. I'm sorry judging how you handled situations or how you seemed to be doing some lazy parenting at times.
  4. I'm sorry for thinking it was weird that you never wanted to be away from your kids and make plans with me.
  5. I'm sorry for not realizing that how your kids act in public and/or how you handle situations around other people may not actually be the norm.
  6. I'm sorry for thinking that your picky eater was picky because of things you did or didn't do.
  7. I'm sorry for thinking you're half-assing it when you arrive empty-handed.
    I had no idea how much work it is to stop at a store with one (or more!) kids.
  8. I'm sorry for bragging about how much I accomplish before 10 a.m. on weekends.
  9. I'm sorry for judging your messy house.
  10. Using swimming as an alternative to a bath or shower for kids...I now know a pool or lake is an acceptable form of bathing on those days I just don't have it in me
    Suggested by @sjrockstar
  11. I'm sorry for not realizing how crushingly devastating a miscarriage is. Though I do not remember the things I said to comfort you, I'm sure I said all of the worst things.
  12. I'm sorry for judging you for having your kid on a leash.
    Runners are brutal! I now know firsthand.