Inspired by @boygirlparty (Be sure to check out her amazing collection! ART IN MY HOME 🖼)
  1. My son and I
    I may have taken some artistic license with my waistline.
  2. Photo by Bill Murphy
  3. Another photo by Bill Murphy, taken in Saratoga Springs
    Hanging in the changing table nook. Likely the only of his prints that has been peed on.
  4. Painting I commissioned by my stepson when he was much younger
  5. A photo taken of my late father, when he was a teenager
    Taken by an artist friend of his
  6. Yaddo, taken by a friend of mine
  7. Robert Syderovich...?
    I can't make out his signature!! This is my best guess...
  8. Watercolor by my daughter
    She took a break from art directing to create a piece on her own.
  9. By my son