Confession: I don't have a smartphone

But I kinda like it that way
  1. I use one of my husband's old iPhones for making li.sts and stuff.
  2. But it only works when I'm at home or connected to someone's WiFi.
    I have a couple of select places I'll connect, but usually I won't.
  3. If I drop my phone, I don't freak out.
  4. When I'm out with my kids, I'm actually paying attention to them.
  5. Usually.
  6. I don't drain my battery to check my calendar or address book.
  7. No pressure to constantly upgrade to technology to the newest and best.
  8. Less waste.
  9. Don't have to worry about viruses or bugs with my dumb phone or planner.
  10. Not tempted to check social media at work.
  11. Less likely to be annoyed by my mom for at least 8 hours a day.
  12. When I'm waiting for an oil change, or a doctor's appointment, etc., I READ.
    And I genuinely like waiting around. How often do I get the chance to read uninterrupted without anyone bugging me?!
  13. If I have a smartphone, I know I'll read less.
    The temptation to waste time online is too strong. And I am weak.
  14. Until I cave in, this is my phone.
  15. Sure, when I drop it it breaks into three separate pieces.
  16. And then I have to reset the date and time.
    Otherwise it defaults to 2004 or something like that. And I can't find new texts without sifting through a zillion years of messages.
  17. It is seriously so annoying when someone texts me on this. With each button representing three letters, it takes forever to respond.
  18. So I know I'll eventually join the rest of you. 📱
  19. But not just yet.