Favorite childhood memories of going to my grandparents' camp in the Adirondacks

  1. S'mores
  2. Playing wiffle ball in the street
  3. Rain on the tin roof
  4. The smell of eggs and bacon
  5. The squeak of the swinging couch on the front porch
  6. The piles of newspapers
    Reading all of the comics while drinking hot chocolate
  7. Building sand castles
  8. Playing board games
  9. Reading on the beach
  10. The wagon filled with beach toys
  11. Going to Sherman's for ice cream
  12. Taking walks and bike rides with my aunts
  13. The tire swing
  14. Staying up late
  15. Swimming!!
  16. Going out in the rowboat
  17. The big giant thermos of water from the spring
  18. Getting into warm clothes after it cooled down
  19. Crisp mornings, huddled around the fireplace
  20. Reading ghost stories in the tiny front bedroom
  21. Fireworks
  22. Being surrounded by family
  23. When I was finally tall enough to touch this. In my tippy toes. Stretching so high, and juuuust barely brushing it with my finger tips.
  24. Waiting for the ice cream truck
    Suggested by   @leesh63
  25. Sending toy boats down the street in the storm drains
    Until someone told us to stop
    Suggested by   @leesh63
  26. The smell of charcoal briquettes. And moth balls. And old books.
  27. This drawing by my great grandfather.
  28. Weird things like this. So much stuff that I'm not sure whether they have special meaning for my grandparents....
  29. ...or if this stuff was just here when they bought the place.
  30. 🌲🌲🌲🌳🌲