1. I always wanted a sister.
  2. After I had my son (and no food for 38 hours!), she brought me a pizza.
    A whole pizza. All for me. 🍕💕
  3. She's adorable.
  4. She fits in my pocket.
  5. She's mellow and laid back.
  6. She always has books to borrow or great recommendations.
  7. She asks for non-stick spray a lot.
  8. She quotes Despicable Me as much as I do.
    Maybe more.
  9. She has to stand on her tippy toes to cook.
  10. For my nephew's birthday, she made a boob cake.
  11. She'll try to convince you it was a spider.
  12. 🕷 I've never seen a spider that looked like boobs.