1. The amazing support of my friends, family, and colleagues today at the Heart Walk. ❤️
  2. Even though there was lots of rain, the lightening didn't start until the ride home.
  3. Spending the rest of the day in pajamas after being cold and wet all morning.
  4. The delicious sandwich I had for lunch.
  5. The beautiful photo @leesh63 took of my kids.
  6. The Freakonomics episode I recently listened to that allowed me to carry on a conversation about sports with my soccer-loving cousin. ⚽️
    It wasn't a long conversation. But still. http://freakonomics.com/podcast/leicester-city/
  7. The anticipation of the Frito chili my husband is making for dinner.
  8. When my son thought Ben Stiller and Jim Carey are the same person. I told him they're not.
    "Well," he said. "They look the same naked."
  9. That I was on the news tonight....
    ...and they managed to make it look like I didn't say one giant, run-on sentence!