1. Granny. Her paternal grandmother. They've never actually met, but she's still a big fan.
    (And I think a visit is happening soon!)
  2. My dad's mom.
    My daughter and I argued the other day about whether Nana was her grandmother or her great grandmother. I think I won.
  3. My mom's mom.
    She loves her some Mema...just not as much as ....
  4. PAPA!!!
    She freaking ADORES my grandfather. They are best buds and it melts my heart. ❣
  5. My mom.
  6. Grandma Jean
    She totally bogarted her friends' grandmother at Thanksgiving. Sat next to her. Cuddled her. Was a tad territorial, but not too bad.
  7. Oma
    With some clever fake crying, she also managed to score some hugs with her friends' other grandmother. Though I'm pretty sure she could have scored the free hug without the manipulative tears.