I'm sorry, Mr. Officer

  1. I didn't mean to put you out
  2. It's just that the library book return belt was all jammed
  3. And you were sitting under the big RETURNS sign
  4. At the library
  5. Behind a wall that hid your uniform
  6. So I had no idea you were cop
  7. I had 50 pounds of books to return
  8. And I REALLY had to pee
  9. But you know what?
  10. My kids waited for the green light before putting the books on the belt
  11. A thousand pardons if they were "too fast"
  12. We thought green meant "go"
  13. So I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience
  14. But maybe you didn't need to be so rude
  15. 📚📚📚