A few examples
  1. Tamp. I swear I'd never encountered this word before, now it's in just about every book I read.
    This li.st would be much more formidable if I'd started keeping track sooner. Things That Have Been Tamped Down in Books I've Read
  2. Strumpet
    Same deal, but less frequent.
  3. "accidental president"
    Never heard this term (it refers to a VP who becomes president when the president dies or leaves office). It was in the title of the book I just finished. I heard it in the LBJ movie. It was in Veep.
  4. Dirigible
  5. Nauru (a tiny island in the Pacific)
    Never heard of it. Listened to a podcast about it recently, and now it shows up in the book I'm reading (Unbroken)
  6. This has happened several times in the past months, with the cocktail liqueur Aperol, with fruit shrubs(drinking vinegars) and with the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon, because I looked it up, came to li.st to check it out, and you just made this li.st a month ago I could suggest to. (This one might be a stretch, but I still like this topic!)
    Suggested by @jennifergster
  7. Skatalogical
    Heard this recently once, then repeatedly after. Perfectly describes someone in my home, but I'm not saying who. 💩