This list is purely selfish and assumes that I would also be very philanthropic, in addition to all of the materialistic fantasies below. These are in no particular order. 💰
  1. My always perfectly pedicured feet would be envied by all.
  2. I would buy all books new. And if I love them, I'd send copies to everyone I think would also appreciate them.
    I'd set up a Little Free Library outside my house. But it would be free and full of carefully curated books without the spines cracked yet. No need to leave a book.
  3. I would donate gobs of money to NPR and all of the podcasts I love.
  4. I would keep my tiny house, but make it the most perfect tiny house ever.
  5. And the Stairs That Go Nowhere would go somewhere.
    A little playroom for my kids? An reading nook for me? A tiny library?
  6. All of my clothes would be donated to the less fortunate. And the What Not To Wear team would help me replace everything.
  7. I would have a standing appointment for a monthly full body massage.
  8. Hell, weekly.
    With additional appointments made as needed.
  9. I would never again pack my lunch.
    So. Much. Time. Will. Be. Saved.
  10. My stepson would receive regular care packages at college.
    He would be the envy of his friends. But there would be so many treats, he'd share with everyone.
  11. I'd go visit my bestie in Georgia. And we'd get manis and pedicures. And eat at fabulous restaurants and drink lots of wine. We'd discuss a creative project to embark on together.
  12. I'd have a house cleaner.
  13. My husband and I would go to Jamaica for a second honeymoon.
  14. We'd take a trip all over the US to see his far-flung family.
  15. And while we do that, we'll also try to see a ballgame at every park we haven't been to.
  16. That last one should be spread out over time.
    No need to have that much exposure to sports all at once.
  17. We'd take a family vacation. Every. Year.
  18. I'd keep my job because I do love it.
    But I wouldn't to be afraid to tell someone to go scratch, if needed.
  19. With no worrying about my financial future, I would focus on being creative, present, and relaxed.
  20. I would have tons of original art hanging in my house. And more photos hanging up of my younger kids.
  21. I'd throw parties.
  22. My bedroom would get a serious makeover. And it would always be a relaxing sanctuary.
  23. We'd have a welcoming extra bedroom for guests / my stepson when he's on break. No need to share with his much younger brother.
  24. I'd regularly date my husband.
  25. I would lavish those I care about with generous, thoughtful, and unexpected gifts.
  26. If fly my mother-in-law up a few times a year.
    And put her up in a very posh hotel.
  27. My car would always be clean.