I've always thought highly of teachers. But lately I've spent a lot of time in my son's classroom. Wow.
  1. Label everything!!
    22 kids come in from the playground and throw 22 coats, 22 snow pants, 44 boots, hats, and mittens into a giant, unlabeled pile on the floor. OK, not all do this. But a lot. And is a holy mess that she has to deal with every day. I thought I had done a "good enough" job labeling his stuff. Today I broke out the Sharpie.
  2. Volunteer when you can, if you can.
    This woman never stops. Not even to eat. If the kids are at a "special", she's tidying up, getting ready for their return, etc. An hour of help sharpening pencils or whatever is super-helpful. ✏️
  3. Imagine how annoying your kid is sometimes ... and multiply that by 22. 😳 Keep that in mind next time you lose your cool with your kid.
    Kindergarten teachers are freaking SAINTS!! And they have to keep calm through it all.