Library surprises

  1. Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games) writes children's books?! Did not know.
    Love this book...though I admit I haven't finished it yet. My audience wandered off.
  2. Here's another one! SURPRISE! It's about the Vietnam War. Didn't see that coming and wasn't prepared to tackle such a heavy subject with my 2 year old.
    Would be great for kids with parents serving overseas... although I recommend pre-reading it first.
  3. Every Bob Shea book is a delight. No surprise there.
    But cute surprises in the book.
  4. All other kindergarten parents I know have both the name of their kid's teacher AND have a supply list. I don't.
    And in Monsters Love School, written and illustrated by Mike Austin, I'm being taunted!
  5. I'm only on page 71 of Jon Meacham's biography of George H. W. Bush's biography... and I'm at least ten times more fascinated than I expected to be.
    Also, when the gynecologist came in for my appointment today I was crying. In the gown. On the table. Reading this book.
  6. Read this to my kids last night. Today I listened to an episode of One Bad Mother and they were interviewing a children's book author.
    I SHIT YOU NOT — it was the author of THIS book. Talking about this book! My kids always run to the play area, so there is only a teeny tiny section of books I can peruse while watching my kids. And this book happened to be there. Yesterday. And I wasn't even looking for it.