Live listing a favor for my cousin 🖌

Inspired by @boygirlparty and her beautiful / controlled / precise live lists
  1. I've been up since 3 a.m.
    Stressing about this? Who knows. Maybe now (pre-coffee / 4:45 a.m.) isn't the best time to do the project... But it's the ONLY time without two kids in my space, one of whom is a tiny art director who will impatiently demand that I add owls!! More owls!!
  2. Ohmygodohmygod I'm going to spell something wrong!!
  3. Shit!! This paintbrush is fatter than I expected!
  4. I took up too much space with the first name! Damnit. It's all gonna be off-center!
  5. The Y descender is hanging down too low.
    I am wholly unqualified for this job.
  6. Ok... It's all there... I'll just go back and make sure everything is the same thickness and color.
  7. ABORT!! 🚨 ABORT!! 🚨
    WTF was I thinking?!
  8. Ok. I'm gonna call this done.
  9. Let me just wash this brush...
  10. AUGH!!
  11. I knew this wasn't water-based paint! Why did I just attempt to wash this in my sudsy hands, like I'm cleaning my kids' paintbrushes?!
  12. I went from zero paint on my hands to having it all over! And it won't wash off...
  13. Nail polish remover...?
  14. Ok. Yes.
  15. Mostly. My thumb is sticky.
  16. There is no future for me at Etsy.