1. This guy. He used to be too nervous to climb on the playground. Now look at him!
  2. My morning run.
    Learned about wooly mammoths. I ❤️ Stuff You Should Know.
  3. This recipe for the first time this season. And it's in the oven right now!
  4. That my husband took the kids to the playground so I could cook while listening to podcasts.
    I ❤️ the Allusionist
  5. The Happy Place
    Is anyone else watching this show?!
  6. Cleaned out my planner. Have ideas to get my personal life better organized.
    I think I may try some Bullet Journal ideas... but a more low-key, imperfect version.
  7. Found this in my planner.
    My stepson wrote it years ago. It was from a movie. Special prize for the first person who can tell me what movie this is from. I can't remember!! (Click...? Liar, Liar...?)
  8. Solid plans to try out Coloring Night soon with @MrsBurky.
    My daughter's response to my husband screaming at the LSU game. 🐯💜💛