1. She's adorable.
    And coot. Even if my toddler disagrees.
  2. Her socks never match.
    Strangely, she came to visit last night (AFTER I saved a draft of this list!) and her socks matched. Unprecedented.
  3. She feels no qualms about doling out parental advice...
    ...despite having no children.
  4. She's one of my favorites. 💕
  5. She has square feet.
  6. She is staunchly anti-sippy cup.
  7. She has a weird tendency to not care for people who are "too nice."
  8. We love when she meets us at the playground.
    Especially when she shows up with surprise visitors, like her mom or brother!
  9. She's one of the goofiest people I know.
  10. Cilantro is not her friend.
    But she wishes it were.
  11. Very photogenic. Not afraid to make silly faces.
  12. In terms of technology and trends, she thinks I'm a nincompoop.
  13. She's excellent at hiding.
    And so-so at finding.
  14. We could be sisters.
    One time, a friend made fun of me for a really drunk pic I posted of myself. But it wasn't me. It was my cousin. She was like 12. And stone cold sober.
  15. She's going to be an amazing speech pathologist.
  16. We're super proud of her!!