1. So excited for my son to start kindergarten.
  2. Curious about whether or not I'll cry. 😭
  3. Trying hard not to be manic about not knowing first week details yet.
    I know there are some half day things going on. People, don't you know I like to Plan In Advance and Get Things on the Calendar? 📆
  4. Anxious for the school supply list to arrive.
    See above. Seriously, did no one get the memo that I'm a planner...?
  5. Happy he got into the school I was hoping for.
    We're in a "flex zone", so there were two possibilities. Two really great possibilities, so win/win really.
  6. Sad that our friends who are also in this zone ended up at the other school.
    (See you in middle school!)
  7. Nervous for him. He's super-shy at first. I know he'll get into it quickly and transition into being a clown, but...
    ... I was painfully shy as a kid (up until my early 20s, really) and it's the worst. I don't want him to feel like that.
  8. Terrified that we'll blink, and then be talking about dropping him off at college. 🎓
    It happens!! I already know first-hand!
  9. Hopeful we'll meet some cool parents with kids that my son likes...and we'll end up with some friends that we can all hang out with.
    I'm so bad at maintaining friendships outside of work. Maybe play dates will help...?
  10. Can't wait to see what he's like as a student.
    Will he want to join a sports team? Play an instrument? Join a club?
  11. Disappointed that I never took advantage of not having a set schedule.
    Any vacations now would have to be enjoyed when school isn't in session.
  12. Grateful that my new boss hooked me up so I could work from home, if needed.
    Less stress about what to do if there's a snow day, conferences, half days, oddly timed doctor's appointments, etc.
  13. Looking forward to hearing all of the stuff he's learning.
    He already does this, but I think it will be kicked into overdrive.
  14. Can't wait for him to be a legit READER!! 📚📖
    Though I will miss reading to him and spelling out things I don't want him to know.
  15. (@Boogie this is an interesting request. This is sort of first Back-to-School. But sort of not. My stepson is in college now, but used to spend summers with us. He lives three hours away, so we were never a part of Back-to-School really... just sad to see the summer end.)