1. I received a generous gift card as a thank you from friends.
  2. A gift card I really can't spend on anyone else but myself, which is a very lovely and rare type of gift card. 😊 I took a half day today and went shopping.
  3. I found a couple of pairs of crop pants that I love!
  4. The choices were:
  5. - Do you want to feel hugged?
  6. - Do you want to feel naked?
  7. Holy cow!! $100 workout pants (marked down to $49!) feel AMAZING!!!
    (I am not abusing exclamation points here either.)
  8. I definitely prefer the Feeling Naked fit, but Feeling Hugged has pockets. So. Many. Pockets.
  9. Plus, they are a neutral color.
  10. I can never go back to wearing $12 pocketless pants that don't make me feel hugged, loved, and/or naked!
  11. They give you a cute reusable bag with your purchase. Love.
  12. I got home and realized I overpaid by $10. Now I have to go back again tomorrow.
  13. While discussing the receipt with my husband, I snagged a fingernail on a seam. 😳
  14. $100 pants come with a lot of pressure!
  15. But some pressure is good.
    I bypassed the free cookies at the car dealershp.
  16. I can't wait to feel hugged tomorrow in Power Yoga!
  17. Namaste.