It was one of those dreams where you wake up and think briefly that it was real 😥
  1. I came home to my very large apartment to find the door open, the lights I'll on, the tv tuned into a station we never watch, and music that we'd never listen to softly playing.
    (I don't live in a large apartment. Or a large anything, for that matter.)
  2. I was somehow on a work trip for the politician I work for.
    (I don't go on work trips. Or work for a politician.)
  3. I goofed around on of course.
    (Seems legit. Except I don't have a smartphone.... so?)
  4. Somehow decided to do something on Google maps, but instead of where I live (East coast), it kept showing Hawaii... with a giant missile falling through the clouds.
    It looked so weird/real, guys.
  5. Because of this, we managed to put the clues together and realize a few things.
    (The "we", I'm 90% sure, was me and @MrsBurky)
  6. First all, some of my favorite people on list were not people at...but covert government spies from another country going through us to get American secrets.
    (Um, huh? I have no American secrets. And not to point fingers, but this had a very WWII spin to it. 🇯🇵 was planning to attack again. And @Boogie was a part of it. As was one of my other favorite listers, whose identity has now faded away in my post-dream state.)
  7. I was devastated that @Boogie wasn't real... but my work buddy and I realized that we had to come clean.
  8. Our listing had given away top-secret intel.
  9. We needed to tell Doug Stamper.
    (Huh? We worked for that terrifying guy in House of Cards?!)
  10. And then I woke up. Still sad about losing a friend / embarrassed about being duped / guilt-ridden for being responsible for the horrific thing about to happen in Hawaii.