My mother-in-law is coming to visit!

And I'm filled with mixed emotions.
  1. My husband and I have been together for 17 years, but we don't see his mom much.
  2. We FaceTime and stay in touch, but she's never met our 2 1/2 year old.
  3. I'm excited for that. My daughter loves her Granny.
    She told me yesterday Granny is her "best fwend". 💕
  4. The list of broken, dirty, cobwebbed, and cluttered areas I want fixed and cleaned before she arrives is insurmountable.
  5. I'm already super-stressed.
  6. I realized that if we celebrate my son's birthday a week early, she'll be there for it!
  7. But that adds to my to-do list.
  8. My 19 year old stepson will also be here, so we'll be shy two bedrooms.
    When he visits, he sleeps in his room (which he now "shares" with his little brother...and his little brother sleeps on a mattress in his sister's room). This time, my stepson (who sleeps until noon or later) will be stuck on the couch.
  9. I love my mother-in-law, but she is has very strong personality.
    I'm more reserved and (for better or worse!) do not verbalized every thought that pops into my head.
  10. My husband and his mom are a lot alike. And the things that drive him nuts about her are the very same things that drive me nuts about HIM.
    So there's bound to be a lot of them butting heads and me saying things like, "wow, that must be so annoying! 🙄"
  11. For example: she will undoubtedly keep us waiting forever every time we leave the house while she keeps remembering things she needs to do, have, bring, etc.
  12. This is my life.
  13. But it drives him crazy when he's the victim.
  14. 🙄
    Suck it up, buddy. She's here for a few days. This is my FOREVER.
  15. She will make all sorts of delicious New Orleans dishes that everyone salivates over. And I won't eat most of them.
  16. She's an amazing cook. I'm a picky eater and do not like seafood.
  17. Speaking of, whenever I come home my house will smell of seafood. 🍤
  18. I will be happy for my husband. He will love the smell.
    But I will want to turn around and leave.
  19. Even though I have a ton of vacation days that need to be used up so I don't lose them, I will go to work at least one day of her visit.
  20. I will need a break. I will need space. Space that doesn't smell like seafood gumbo or have suitcases and clutter for me to trip over.