Poll: can you drive a stick?

I read today that only 4% of Americans can drive a stick. Can that be true? Can you?
  1. YES!!
    I refuse to drive an automatic transmission. One of 100 reasons why I'm not a Minivan Mom.
  2. Yes!
    Not American though. 💁🏻
    Suggested by   @estherlimtf
  3. Yes.
    Not American though @estherlimtf
    Suggested by   @Alphonse
  4. Yes! I can and prefer to do so.
    MJ taught me how to drive a stick. We bought a used 1975 Audi 4-speed (no a/c) in 1978. Best stick drive in El Paso is Scenic Drive. Idling, shifting into first while not dying at the top of North Kansas Street and Schuster is a special rite of passage.
    Suggested by   @chacal
  5. Technically. Yes. But...
    I've had so many different "teachers" on different cars over the years and it's been at least a decade so I would DEFINITELY stall out a lot if I did.
    Suggested by   @supercommonname
  6. In theory
    I learned on a manual transmission, but that was 18 years ago, and I'm well out of practice. I could do it in a pinch with a slightly rocky start! 😆
    Suggested by   @dreadpiratemama
  7. Yes!
    And I'm bummed my current car is automatic.
    Suggested by   @celestestelle
  8. Yep! I don't own one now unfortunately but that's how I learned to drive.
    Suggested by   @tylerka323
  9. Yes!!
    Thanks to @tastywaffles
    Suggested by   @ameliaseptember
  10. Nope!
    Suggested by   @lexie_elyse
  11. Yes!
    But not in a car. 😉🍆
    Suggested by   @Boogie
  12. No but I want to learn!
    I don't know anyone that can... Do you think there's community classes for it and the library or something?
    Suggested by   @e
  13. Yes!
    my dad is convinced it's a necessary skill to survive, so he made me and my sister both master it before we could drive our mom's automatic. It was annoying as a 15yrold, but now I love that he made me and I hate driving anything else 💛💛💛💛
    Suggested by   @margaretmae
  14. Yes!
    But I do not live in the US. Still we have one stick one automatic and my hubby and me take turns to drive them...
    Suggested by   @maclavarela
  15. Um, only if I have to.
    I can and have on occasion but I hated it every time!
    Suggested by   @julieann718
  16. Of course!
    Suggested by   @kcupcaker
  17. Nope! Automatic only baby
    Suggested by   @paige
  18. Yes! My first car was manual, and I taught my son to drive one last year.
    Suggested by   @pathb